Are you a fablab, a makerspace? Would you like to be part of a global adventure?

Well! We are looking for you.

The ingredients are: digital manufacturing, all possible materials, many designers and the creation of hundreds of patterns.

The project is PATTERN YOUR LIFE, it is a contest and here you will find the story of the first edition.

To become a partner of the project, you must do at least one of the following activities:

  • Sign up for the VAHA portal
  • Assist the participating designers through technical support or training
  • Service activities for production (for fair compensation)
  • Create your own pattern project (one or a series)
  • Present your activities at our events (exhibitions, awards, talks)
  • Grant a small prize in production services or training for one or more projects among those in the competition, which you will choose.
  • Organize an event or a laboratory to promote the contest

To apply to be a partner of PATTERN YOUR LIFE, send an email to We need the name of your fablab / company, a contact person and an active email.